Do you play weddings or private parties?
We certainly do, and have a dang good time doing it (and pretty much guarantee your guests will be having as much fun as we are). If you'd like to have Your Ex-Girlfriends at your event, shoot us an email at We're happy to provide references, too! 

What kind of music do you play?
You can call us country, though we ain't one-trick ponies. Our set lists also feature plenty of boot-stomping honky tonk, soulful-but-upbeat blues, good ol' rock and roll, and plenty of songs that are a mix of all of 'em. 

Where do you perform?
We play at bars and clubs all over town--you might've seen us at Highline Ballroom, Hill Country, Rodeo Bar, Union Hall, the National Underground, the Brooklyn Rod & Gun Club, or other hot spots and honky tonks around the New York area. For a list of our upcoming shows, mosey on over here. We're amenable to out-of-town gigs, and will plan a tour just as soon as we find the perfect leopard print convertible tour bus. 

Do you have a press kit? 
We sure do! You can download it by clicking here. It includes our one-sheet, photos, and demo tracks. If you'd like a hard copy, drop us a line and we'll get one out to you right away (it has lots of fun stuff in it). 

How did y'all meet?
The short answer is: Kat. The slightly longer one is that Kat and Caitlin used to work together at Glamour; Kat and Little Caitlin met at a polo match; Kat and Kari met through a mutual friend/musician; and Lindsay met us at one of our shows, and we said, "We gotta get that girl in the band!". For the really long version, buy one of us a beer and pull up a chair.